View Full Version : Computer Frezzes when loading an image

28.09.2004, 23:35
Operating System: Windows Xp Sp1
Burning Software: Alcohol 120%, Nero 6
Anti-virus Software: N/A
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

When I load a Game, it shows the cd-check then if frezzes the computer. The only way i can get the game's to work (usally safedisc 2/3) is but loading image, then quiting deamon tools and taking of all emulation. This didn't use to happen only when i bought a new pc. Is there a conflict with my new computer.. Please Help :D

04.10.2004, 00:41
I managed to fix it by my self. :| support ha

04.10.2004, 09:41
How :?:

05.10.2004, 23:00
Load an image with daemon-tools.
when image is loaded. quit deamon tools icon (system tray) and say no to emulation. Then play game. It worked fine for me.. yes it's a bit anoying but that's all i can do.

06.10.2004, 09:12
You don't need any emulation to play from (appropriate) image :!:

07.10.2004, 01:08
Yeah, i know that you don't need emulation to run an image. is just that if you say, "yes" to save you emulations (even if you don't have any on) then the image will freeze if you try and play a game using it?
Hey i don't really know why it does that. but hey... :?

11.10.2004, 02:40
well, i reinstall windows and haven't installed nero, and so far haveing no problems at all.
Conlict with nero then? but i thought 3.47 was nero fixed?