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05.01.2003, 13:37
Daemon tools version 3.26 and 3.29 have same error. After install it works good but when i restart my computer it will give a blue screen and restatr one more time and after that i can choose "last good configuriation" in dos or something and it will gi into my Windows XP. There it will come a error message from Daemon tools that yped "Virtual SCSI driver not detected" and after that daemon tools dont work. This problem dont come up in daemon tools older version like 3.23 or older.

Thanx for the help

// Pulse

08.02.2003, 00:03
I have same problem... plz fix it. thx :wink:

08.02.2003, 05:35
First, please post more information. We require knowing what burning software you have installed, and full os details (service packs, major updates, etc...)

Please both of you try the following:
1) Run devmgmt.msc, goto SCSI, and report what is displayed there. Goto System Devices and verify PNP Bios Extension (two should be present if you use alcohol 120).

2) If any of the above devices are not loaded, etc..., please try updating or reinstalling the drivers of each.

3) Try uninstalling, rebooting (twice to be safe);
then installing again.

10.02.2003, 09:17
My Computer:


WINXP English Version with Service Pack 1 and all the lastest updates
Nero and Norton Antiviurs Corp. Edition 8.0 were installed

10.02.2003, 11:26
@youth: Please check the status of the PNP Bios Extension. Also check if antyhing is under SCSI section in device manager.

If they have yellow exclamations, goto properties, and report the exact error.

11.02.2003, 06:53
after two times of rebooting,i installed 3.29,this time the WinXP didn't require me to restart and the PNP Bios Ext. & SCSI Device in Device Manager were all working properly,without any yellow exclamations.

then i restart the computer, it gave me a blue screen(too fast to obtain any useful information) and restarted again automatically. i have to choose "last good configuration" to enter XP,then the damned prompt -"virtual SCSI driver not detected" came out again. now the PNP Bios Ext. & SCSI Section in Device Manager all disappeared

do u still need more information?

ps: yesterday i found some yellow exclamations on SCSI Device after install 3.29, but i didn't check the propertes

11.02.2003, 07:12
I am haveing the same issue with DT I have a G4 mx460, Santa Cruz, No Anti-Virus, Nero, XP SP 1 and all updates, Samsung 48\24\48 from what i am reading this is a common issue with this software So if u have any info PLZ HELP !!!!!!!!!

23.02.2003, 22:35
1) I am having the same problem with DT 3.29 on WinXP +SP1:
Clean install of XP-SP1, still setting up ie not "used" yet, no burning prog yet, Norton SystemWorks 2003- everything disabled- for manual use only. Intel BX board, ATI Rage Pro, Soundblaster 16 ISA, Promise Ultra66; stock drivers auto-installed by WinXP. DT worked perfect on the same machine with Win98SE.

DT 3.29 installs OK, then blue screens on reboot with error
Stop: ox0000007E and indicates a problem with st3mp28.sys
The only escape is to go back to "Last good setup" as in above posts. Then I get the "Virtual drive not detected/present" message. Under SCSi the Promise controller is OK, nothing else showing. PNPBios shows OK. I can get to daemon.msi and use it to "repair" OK, but then it blue screens again. I still can fool with BIOS settings and services, but if you have any ideas and can point me in a direction I'll appreciate.

2) Youth- you can stop the blue screen flashing by: press F8 after the Bios but before Windows boots- MS doesn't indicate just when so I just keep tapping it. That get you a boot menu- start in Safe mode. Then find your way to Contol Panel-System-Advanced-Startup&Recovery. At the "system failure" section uncheck "auto reboot".

22.03.2003, 06:17
haha,it's all ok in 3.32, happy, bow to all :P

10.04.2003, 09:44
just installed 3.32 and i have the same exact error
so what can i do about it?

16.04.2003, 09:03
Yes the problem seems to occur in 3.32 too.. I have been suffering from this problem too and it's making the usage of daemon tools almost impossible. Weird thing was that it worked perfectly with 3.29 before, but then I formated my drives and re-istalled Windows XP professional and got all updates + sp1( I had all the same updates before re-formating) and now 3.29 is causing the blue screen on boot.

Anyway the problem has definetly something to do with the SCSI & Raid controller drivers provided with D-Tools.

ERROR occure:
Blue Screen on booting > Using last configuration that worked enables windows to work again > SCSI & Raid Controller driver is gone.

So far 3.26, 3.29, 3.32 have caused this error, I'm gonna try 3.23 now since some people claim that it doesn't cause the blue screen.

16.04.2003, 11:27
Hi, I'am encoutering the same problem with W2K+SP2 but not only with DT, even with alcohol 120 and clone CD. In fact, with all major prog which try to install a virtual drive. Think my system is clean : all motherboard drivers applied (Asus A7V-266E / Athlon XP 1700+);
via4in1 (latest) installed, aspi (adaptec) 4.72 installed. the only other burning prog installed is nero and it is fully fonctionnal.
I have also fully disabled the onboard sound card (sound + game port).
When my system boots correctly, it show a problem with the Pnp Bios Extension. CCD works correctly, because I haven't installed the virtual drive.
Thinks my problem may become from interrupt sharing. but I can't fix them. For info, my system also have a SB audigy player (latest drivers). Could Creatives drivers may conflict with virtual scsi adapters ?
Other thing : If I try to remove manually the virtual drive or the virtual scsi adapter in the system manager, my system crash and re-boot, exactly the same symptoms like during the standard/automatic installation/removing of DT.

Hope these line could help in finding the problem.

20.05.2003, 11:09
I also seem to be having this (or a very similar) problem:

AMD XP 2000+
Windows XP SP1
c-media cmi8738 chipset based sound card

I recently decided to do a complete reinstall of my machine, with all the latest drivers for all the equipment in my machine. Once all drivers were installed I installed daemon tools. Installation went fine, first reboot ok. But second reboot never made it to login screen. The machine simply reboots and I can only successfully reboot if I choose "last known good.." or "safe mode". When I am able to boot I gat the famous error message "scsi driver not loaded". I have made several ghost images during various stages of the driver installation proces, but no matter how far I went back allways trouble.

So, I dedided to do a new clean install of win xp sp1 and install daemon tools before installing anything alse. That seemed to work. I was able to boot with daemon tools working. I then installed the latest via 4in1 drivers and everything still worked (each time I rebooted at least 3 times to be sure). But then I installed the latsest drivers for my sound card with the default settings and problems started again, crash befor login screeen, need to start in safe mode, daemon tools didn't work.

I then checked the default options of the sound card drivers and noticed I had choosen for a sound chipset on board and left the on board midi & game ports enabled. I changed all that to their correct settings (sound card and not on-board and on-board midi and game ports disabled) and everything worked fine again. I only rebooted a couple of times and didn't do anything specific so I can not guarantee that the problems is solved for my, but I have good hope ;-)

Anyway, I don't know if all this information is helpfull or not, just wanted to let you guys know.


20.05.2003, 22:43
Same problem here
xp sp1
no real scsi devices in system
aspi drivers 4.6 and temporally 4.7
blue screens and the other errors same here

in version 3.29 of daemon-tools the scsi driver is "st3mp28.sys"
in 3.33 it is "st3Wolf.sys".

daemon-tools installs a virtual scsi drive and it runs the first time before reboot, after this windows doesn't detects this drive and daemon-tool shows the error message.
Deactivating the virtual drive(marked yellow now) in the windows device manager and reactivating makes windows accept it and it runs like the first time after installation of daemon-tools. Actually any operation like reinstalling the driver in the device manager makes it run.
So as long as this bug remains just do as i have explained and your daemon-tool will work for one windows session. :idea:

25.05.2003, 18:03
I had the exact same problem with these specifications:

WinXP Prof. SP1
Celeron 1.7ghz
Daemon Tools 3.33

No SCSI drives at all :P

All I did was went to the control panel>system>hardware>device manager then down to SCSI and RAID Controllers where I only had one option which did have the yellow exclamation point, so I just disabled it, tried to run DAEMON-Tools again, got the same error, then I re-enabled it without getting the yellow exclamation mark again...

I don't know if it was fluke or not but you can try it...

02.07.2003, 10:40
Sorry to say exactly the same problem (this is getting familiar)
BSOD followed by SCSI not found on the very first re-boot following a DT 3.33 install.

Never had Easy CD creator on my machine, but do have Nero installed, so I ran a search for nerocd95.vxd but it's not on my hard drive. Also searched for C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS and that directory isn't there either. Uninstalled both Nero and DT completely, then re- installed DT alone and it works perfectly untill I re-boot, then Blue Screens. I'm Using XP pro /SP1. Any help appreciated.

By the way, as someone has already said, this problem also happens if I install Alcohol 120% exactly the same error! So right now it's impossible for me to use any virtual drive properly.


02.07.2003, 13:28
Please post your dmp file from C:\windows\minidump.

02.07.2003, 17:37
Hi, again, well I've found a solution that has fixed the problem for me and hopefully for some of you too. I was reading on the Alcohol forum and someone suggested that you can fix these Bluescreens by doing both of the following ......

1. Disabling any on-board sound device in your BIOS
2. Disabling the on-board game port in your BIOS

Well my board does have an on-board sound device but It has never been used, I use a separate sound card, so that on-board device is permanantly disabled, so it wasn't that. As for gaming, well I'm not into gaming and don't use a game controller or anything but, the default on my board was with the on-board gaming port enabled. So I re-installed Daemon tools, nothing else just Daemon, re-booted and opened the BIOS before XP had a chance to Bluescreen, diasbled the on-board game port, saved and exited the BIOS, continued with the re-boot and Bingo, no more bluescreen, no more cannot find drivers, Daemon now works fine. I also found that it isn't necessary to disable the on-board game port you can simply change the port no. and Daemon Tools will install, no problem. Next I installed Alcohol, no problems it also works now, and finally Nero, so everything is now working as it should. Just for the hell of it I went back into BIOS re-enabled the on-board game port at the default setting, and sure enough it Bluescreened on re-boot. So for me that was the culprit. This crash is repeatable, I will gladly send a .dmp file but the minidump directory is empty so I probably have to enable something before it logs the crash?

(I just noticed that Kryptonneke has posted a similar experience so it's not just me but I also notice that it did not work for catoo2k, anyway you can give it a try.)


02.10.2006, 09:36
Hi guys, seems like an old problem, but my solution may still help someone.

1. Uninstall Daemon Tools
2. Delete the driver SCSIxxx.sys
3. Restart Comp
4. Install Daemon

This helped me. Hopefully helps you, too.