View Full Version : can't boot to safemode after daemon 3.47 installation

30.09.2004, 04:07
i can't boot to safemode (using windows xp sp2) because when it reaches the screen wherein different drivers and .sys files are being loaded.. a message "Press esc to cancel loading d347bus.sys" is displayed and when i try to press esc or even do nothing, the pc still restarts... everything works fine on normal mode though.. help!!!

30.09.2004, 08:38
Hm? It works in "normal" mode? So try to un-install Daemon Tools in normal mode then ...
if it fails check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove leftovers.
And please post in the correct forum - your problem is not homepage related ;)

30.09.2004, 12:43
nope, i've tried uninstalling it before and that didn't helped.... the restart error is still there though the "press esc to cancel loading d346bus.sys" message is gone. still it keeps on restarting. take note, this was the last program i've installed before i got that error and i know safemode was working before i installed daemon because i was in it then i booted to normal, installed daemon and poof! safemode errors..

i've also done that thing in 25002 common probs (manual deleting of daemon stuffs) before and that didn't worked either..

oh and sorry for posting in homepage errors i was kinda dumb and didn't noticed :lol:

i guess the only way to solution to this is a repair install of xp.. right?

30.09.2004, 12:54
Well, before you do a repair installation please check if you've minidump in Windows\Minidump folder related to that crash you can send us for analysis, if so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.
But if you removed Daemon Tools completly manually (mentioned in thread about error 25002), i.e. all driver files and registry entries are removed, then the crash is not caused by Daemon Tools :?: