View Full Version : Virtual SCSI driver not detected in WinMe

05.01.2003, 14:04
Virtual SCSI driver not found in WinMe

please help me, I don't know what to do.

When I install it looks finished but nothing happens for about 15min. then the error box comes up and says: Virtual SCSI driver not detected.

05.01.2003, 23:27
Uninstall it, remove any unknown devices in device manager, reboot and try again.

06.01.2003, 10:50
Thanks, but I'm not sure how to do the things you suggested. can you be a bit more specific?

06.01.2003, 11:09
What seems to be the problem?
Uninstall can not be the problem ... then look in device manager (start -> settings -> control panel -> system -> device manager) if there are any unknown devices, if so, delete them, and reboot.
Then try to install again ...