View Full Version : can i still not burn out a safedidc 3.0 ?

Sven Bent
02.10.2004, 18:26
this is my problem
my mom has a a small computer with 10gb space.

She has sim2 (4cd) and harry potter 3 which both uses safedisc 3.x

1: There is not enough space to emulate
2: using the orignal is not go for my little sister
3: acces to the original i ofcouse no problem

is there anyway to burn the disk out and still be able to play them, not resolving to nocd cracks etc (i hate to alwayd finding new cracks and traveling to my moms place when evere there is a new upgrade patch for the game),
maybe a way to patch the image before burning so the .exe filer are still original ?

why couldn't they just use securom *new* then i at laest i could burn out with rpms. :-)

Sven Bent
02.10.2004, 19:25
i just found out that CloneCd can now emualte safedisc3 weak sectors
and i jsut made a burned copy of the sims 2
plus is is not blacklsieted anymore by the safedsic3 protection...