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03.10.2004, 13:52
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: BlindWrite, CloneCD
Anti-virus Software: AntiVir
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

I just Got a Chessmaster 10th Edition. As usual I tried to run it in the D-Tools (cos my cd drive is very very slow) and made an image usin BlindWrite. The Image works fine and I installed the game from the Image.
But when I tried to run the game It detects d-tools and sez tht 'Emulation Software Found! Pls. Stop ne emul. soft. b4 runing chessmaster 10th Ed.' Wht do I do? Can U developers fix this?

03.10.2004, 13:58
Try v3.47

04.10.2004, 11:35
Ya I tried it!
No difference

20.01.2005, 19:32
Operating System: WinXP Pro SP2
Burning Software: CloneCD, Nero 6
Anti-virus Software: HB+DEV Antivir, AVG Personal
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hey dHomerBoy did you find a solution?
My problem il slightly different: my CD drive is ok, I try to play with the real CD, but CM10th detects D-Tools and refuses to start!

I asked Ubisoft support also, but I'm still waiting for an answer.

Any guy solved this?


20.01.2005, 23:00
Try to disable CloneCD's Hide CD-R media function and tray.

21.01.2005, 07:35
I found out the solution long time ago. But I didn't post it as it involves uninstalling D-Tools.

D-Tools can't run with ChessMaster. You have to remove it!

Now download cloneCD and Virtual clone Drive from Slysoft. The second is free ware. Make image of Chessmaster with clone CD.

Put image into Virtual Clone Drive and Install and then play. Be sure that you have checked the "Hide CD-R Media " option in CloneCD tray.

It seems that this is a drawback of Daemon Tools. Hope they will make amends in the next version

As virtual CLone Drive also supports a large variety of programs Why dont u stop using D-Tools and switch to VirtualClone Drive. Its better as you dont need to have Virtual Clonce Drive in tray. you can run images without it directly through Explorer.

Pls. dont ban me for this :D

21.01.2005, 08:30
Gonna try tonight... will make you know.


21.01.2005, 11:41
CloneCD simply won't create appropriate image due to SecuROM protection.

23.02.2009, 09:28
actually i tried doin exactly what u've said...but it just seems like the same thing that hqppens with deamon happens with this virtual cd thing....so i have this image file and just can't open it...what shall i do??..thX allot

23.02.2009, 19:52
How have you created that image and which error do you get and what is file name of image?