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03.10.2004, 18:55
Operating System: win xp home sp1
Burning Software: alcohol 120%, clone cd, clone dvd, nero
Anti-virus Software: norton 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

hi, :|
i want to create an image of my dvd (movies). at 9 of those 10 dvds, alcohol 120% gives me an error: dvd copy protected...unable to creat an image...
1 dvd wasnt protected and creating an image was succesfully.
clone dvd didnt give me an error but it took much too long to create an image, after 1 hour 5% so...

my question:
is there another program which doesnt care about those copy protections? if so, which are those? or does Your clone dvd work fine and maybe i should try clone dvd again? :?:

thanks for every answer

03.10.2004, 18:58
If you want create images only, try DVD Decrypter.
CloneDVD shrinks while creating the image, that's why it took so long.

03.10.2004, 20:58
i tried DVD Decrypter and it worked, i didnt know that the windows media player can play .vob files just by clicking on it....
actually i dont even need any software for ripping a dvd right? i just have to copy the video_ts folder to the harddisk and then opening one of those .vob files with the windows media player and it works, i dont even need a virtual drive :lol:

was that correct or am i talking crap :?: :mrgreen:
thx for help anyway

03.10.2004, 21:44
You can't copy CSS protected DVDs that easy, although it could work with a software DVD player. The recommended way is DVD Decrypter, btw. you can decrypt single files with it, too.

03.10.2004, 23:15
okay thx for your help, everything works fine now :)