View Full Version : Unable to mount image. Image size mismatch.

04.10.2004, 02:20
Operating System: WinXP Home SP2
Burning Software: CloneCD
Anti-virus Software: AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.17, 3.41 & 3.47

Have tried 3 different versions of Daemon Tools, each time I get the same error message: "Unable to mount image. Image size mismatch."

Yes these files work on two other machines, both of which are WinXP SP2.

04.10.2004, 06:57
What program and settings did you use to create the images?

11.10.2004, 01:13
Clone CD
Data CD

11.10.2004, 18:55
Have you tried running chkdsk and copying the known good image over the network twice and then comparing the images with comp or fc?

It seems that the cue sheet or the image is damaged for some reason, if the program in question isn't copy protected you could try to create the image as plain .iso - without any cue sheet at all.