View Full Version : Rome total war

06.10.2004, 23:25
Operating System: xp sp2
Burning Software: Alcohol 120
Anti-virus Software: not installed
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

When start the game it says CD emulation software detected, disable the software and restart but I don't have eny emulation. Clone cd is not installed. I have copied the game with parameters for safedisk 2,90 and to 4x. I have used clonyxxl to find which protection have this game and it use safedisk 2.90

07.10.2004, 16:51
not nobody that answers to me !!!!???? :cry:

07.10.2004, 18:28
..just keep your original CD in the drive and use Daemon for other games.. why panic? =)

The newest patches for Alcohol might help with blacklists, and if you live outside Germany, USA and UK then there are other (probably not for long) legal ways around this quite minor inconvenience , google is your friend.

07.10.2004, 19:43
maybe deinstall clonyxxl - might be blacklisted also.

I can confirm that DT 3.47 is still not blacklisted for Rome, so the prob is
your system. Also check registry for old Alc/CloneCD-entries

07.10.2004, 22:10
I'm from Italy and so sorry for my english.
If I well have understood I must unistall the two programs (alc/clone)and clean up the registry, or which entries i have to delete ? And which system problem can be the cause?