View Full Version : Installed -> no visible Virtual Cd-Roms

07.10.2004, 18:56
Operating System: XP SP1
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: -
DAEMON Tools Version: Old + not work new

I install new daemon and i don't see my viurtal cd,
i think i update daemon or i install alcohol and virtual cd deleted :/
i uninstall alcohol but still after new instalation Daemon i don't see my cdroms, it's visible only 1 time after install, but if i reset comp it's ghost :/
Help me, sry of English.

07.10.2004, 19:27
Check in device manager if there're drivers installed for the virtual drives, if not install via cdrom.inf supplied by OS (in hidden Windows\Inf folder).

08.10.2004, 17:49
yes i don't have driver after install :(
wher is this driver?
i need download some or what? what i must install?

08.10.2004, 18:08
No, cdrom.inf should be in (hidden) Windows\Inf folder.

08.10.2004, 18:10
yes, and i don't have this file :(

08.10.2004, 18:15
Did you configure your Explorer so it shows all hidden files and folders, and all extensions?
Search for cdrom.inf in Explorer. How many files are in your Windows\Inf folder?

08.10.2004, 18:16
why friend send me this file :)
i try now :)

08.10.2004, 18:18
ok thc m8 :) all work !!
U n1 :) :* ;P