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06.01.2003, 03:30
hi, i would like to install my games on my hdd so i dont need to use the cd to play them. if you have done this with any of the games in the bottom of this post please let me know what tools you used to do this. i did buy the games , so would this be legal ? iam not trying to make copys of them on cds. i have windows 98se, and some where around 40 gigs of free space on my harddrive ( might as well use it in some way :D ) starcraft broodwars//diablo2 lord of destruction//CS

06.01.2003, 04:29
Hi, and welcome to the forum!

It would be legal to make images of the discs on your harddisc, it would even be legal to make a backup copy of every disc to prevent the originals from being scratched.

You can use most recent copying programs like Alcohol 120% or CloneCD to make images of those games and mount them with Daemon-Tools, the games' copy protections are merely useless with today's burners and copying software.

The manuals of this software should be sufficient to find out how to make those images, if you'd need more help, just come back here and feel free to ask.


06.01.2003, 14:00
thanks that is what i wanted to know, oh and thanks for the welcome also :D

06.01.2003, 14:11
No problem, mate... glad I could help you... :)