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11.10.2004, 05:22
Operating System: Windows XP SP1
Burning Software: Nero 5 and Roxio 5 (not really image creators, but still I'll list them here)
Anti-virus Software: Norton 2003 mostly disabled
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47 (newest)

I have just installed daemon tools on my desktop and have run into what seems to be a massive composite of problems. I try to load windows, it stop errors and reboots, after which I get a screen asking what mode I want to start in, choices being safe, safe w/ network, safe w/ com prompt, last known good or normal. I try normal again, same issue. I last known good, this time it stops, mem-dumps then reboots to the same screen. I try safe, and it displays a scroll list of drivers and errors on d347bus.sys, like the others have reported. I check my bios for scsi stuff, nothing (I have no other scsi stuff). So now, windows don't start in any mode and I have no way of easily deleting anyways.

The obvious solution is to do wincd repair windows, but that takes time, as does the other option, boot windows straight off the windows boot disk and manually delete all the files. I was hoping there might be another solution.

Also, if this problem has occured before, what can I do to fix it so I can use daemon tools? When I re-install, what do I do differently in order to properly configure it?


11.10.2004, 08:23
If you boot into safe mode press ESC when the message about loading Daemon Tools bus driver occurs, and remove Daemon Tools in safe mode then. If you can't do it via control panel -> software do it manually (see thread about error 25002 in common problem and solutions forum). Meanwhile check for minidump related to the BSOD (in Windows\Minidump folder), send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.

11.10.2004, 14:20
I tried that, but it stop errors after I hit escape. I would send a minidump, whatever that is, but I can't get windows to start at all (I post on my laptop right next to my failed desktop.

18.10.2004, 15:41
Operating System: XP SP2
Burning Software: n/a
Anti-virus Software: n/a
DAEMON Tools Version: 3/47

I have the same problem - installed fine, but once I reboot, BSOD no matter what (safe mode, boot logging, normal, etc). I was able to log into the recovery console and rename d347prt.sys, d347bus.sys, and scsiport.sys, but still no dice. I don't have the minidumps enabled, so I can't send you that.

Right now, I just want to get the computer to boot - I don't care if D-Tools works or not.

The BSOD error is:
*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF894F254, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000 0x00000000)

Thank you!

18.10.2004, 15:43
SCSIPORT.SYS is OS driver, DO NOT rename it :!:
Do you have Starforce drivers (prosync1.sys, sfhlp01.sys, prohlp02.sys, prodrv06.sys) in system? If so, remove them.

18.10.2004, 15:54
I do not have any of those listed files - I don't even know what Starforce is, so I doubt I have it installed.

I renamed scsiport.sys back to it's original name, and still get the exact same BSOD error.

Any other ideas?

18.10.2004, 16:00
Difficult without minidump. Is there any driver mentioned in BSOD message?
If you renamed Daemon Tools drivers (bus and miniport driver), Daemon Tools didn't cause the crash, hence the cause of reboot is some other driver.

18.10.2004, 22:45
Windows was completely fubar-ed so I ended up saving what I could and reformatting and reinstalling.

I think you may be right that it was not [entirely] D-Tools causing the problem, but I just wanted to thank you anyway for your assistance. A 5 minute turnaround time for support is nothing short of amazing these days!

21.10.2004, 05:58
I tried to re-install windows and it installed a second copy on top (and miraculusly now runs dual boot, which never, ever worked before). I will go into the old windows stuff to find the problem. Here are a few things I know:

1) Daemon Tools DID cause the crash, as I had yet to stop error this install of windows...it was only 4 monthes old, and I had not installed anything else in the previous week.

2) Deleting the ***247.sys files does nothing

3) I don't even know what starforce is, and it is not on my machine.

4) I didn't delete or rename any other windows drivers.

5) I don't ever use minidumps, and they are disabled (whatever they are).

My guess is that the installer did more than just add some drivers. I cannot claim to be an expert, only an amature programmer, but it would seem to me that if the registry says one thing about the hardware config and that registry entry is wrong (not the driver, since deleting them had no effect) than Windows will attempt to load with a fualty hardware setup and fail (now that I think of it, Windows is stopping right after te black screen with a Windows flag and a weird green bar thingy, which is right when my cd spun up).

Any ways, this is my take on the situation, which is unfortunently, for now, unresolveable, for reasons beyond sillicon, and will remain so for some time.

21.10.2004, 10:10
Two points..

3.) If you don't even know what StarForce is, how can you know whether it's on your machine or not..?!

5.) If you don't enable minidumps it's impossible to confirm what actually caused the BSODs so I suggest you enable them now.

21.10.2004, 10:33
Regarding #2: Deleting/renaming the Daemon Tools driver files does in fact prevent loading them.
Regarding #3: Starforce is a copy protection known to cause trouble.
Regarding #5: Bad idea, could've helped to solve the problem, so there're no minidumps available?

29.06.2006, 19:03
I had a very similar problem to you...deleting the daemon drivers from console didn't work, and then just before I was going to reinstall windows I pulled out the 2nd graphics card and everything booted fine!

The first card gets the machine through most of the boot process, which is why I didn't think it was a hardware issue at first, but when the system tries to get the second card started...pop! No BSOD, no minidumps, nothing.

Just a thought...