View Full Version : DT Lite killed my computer?

20.08.2014, 00:34
My computer has had to be factory f**king reset 5+ times in the past year alone. I didn't know why, figured my computer is worth crap but I've been watching very closely about what I've been doing recently to better figure problems out. Guess what the last thing was that I did on my computer before it blue screened this time? Mounted an image with Daemon Tools Lite and restarted my computer to be welcomed with a blue screen, error saying a drive is unbootable like always, have to reset my computer again because it can't fix the issue. Not too surprising if it isn't even something that it can fix.

Every single time this has happened I've lost a lot of valuable things. Art, Knowledge, Work, etc. I even blamed PJ64 for that BSoD crap, but has it been DT Lite all along?

I guess never have an image mounted on a virtual drive when you restart or turn off your computer?#out4blood:mad:

22.08.2014, 01:12
i can understand it being annoying but 'lost a lot of valuable things' from one bsod? i really doubt it..
it sounds like there are other problems on your pc, is it possibly overclocked?