View Full Version : lauch exe after iso inserted?

11.10.2004, 21:21
Operating System: XP pro sp2
Burning Software: na
Anti-virus Software: avg
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hi guys, first of all, thankyou for such a great piece of FREE software.

Is it possible to some how launch a program after inserting a virtual cd?
im using the command line to create shortcuts that insert cds and would like these shortcuts to load the coresponding software, any ideas on this?


11.10.2004, 21:28
Check Daemon Script in our download section - maybe it fits your needs :idea:

13.10.2004, 15:40
OK, i have tryed daemon script, it works very well but i can only use windows short cuts on my childrens desktops! is there a way to add an extra command to load the program after the -mount command? eg start or run?


13.10.2004, 15:43
Use the RunApp button to add a command to execute a program.

13.10.2004, 19:18
Daemon script creates a file for itself containing the info, the childrens interface i am using can only handle windows shortcuts.

"C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"\\fileserver\iso\image.iso" START "C:\windows\programs\program.exe"

but the start command is interpreted by daemon tools. maybe there is a way to seperate the second "start" or "run" command?