View Full Version : Disc imaging stuck on 0%

25.08.2014, 15:08
i got Daemon tools pro trial and wanted to see if i could backup one of my old games.
in this case Rayman 3 cd 1 its on 650mb this is the error i got


this continues well into 15 minutes, with no change to the 0% done.
i have tried restarting computer, setting read speed lower, still same problem.
any fix or am i doing anything wrong?

25.08.2014, 16:36
Those defective sectors are part of the Safedisc copy protection, and will stop around sector 10000.
Some drives are better, some are worse in skipping those blocks.
Sometimes the so called Fastdump method helps speeding up the process: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/daemon-cant-make-image-28221/#post131949

Make sure you select the Safedisc profile and the MDS or MDX image format.