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24.09.2014, 14:46
Hello. I have Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 5.5 and it is Licensed. (I am your customer)

I have a problem.

My virual drive read and wirte performance slowing When I try attach vIDE to Physical drive. I mean Attachment process was successful but I mount ISO or MDS/MDF file and read anf wite is slowing.

I have Z87 board, Core i7 processor, Pioneer 12x Bluray drive.

24.09.2014, 16:16
When attached, the virtual drive speed orientates itself by the physical drive speed.
For example: if you mount an image of an CSS protected Video DVD and attach it to a riplocked physical drive,
then the virtual drive will be also riplocked.

Some time ago i made a speed comparison: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f34/laufwerks-geschwindigkeit-28871/#post134075

Data CD
vIDE: 326x
attached: 51x

vIDE: 44x
attached: 10x-24x, depending on the drives used

Usually the attach function is used to emulate angle-based copy protections (SecuROM, Starforce, etc.),
and in this field a lower speed is more promising than a high one.

24.09.2014, 18:50
Thank you for your answer Terramex.