View Full Version : Can't mount iso

04.10.2014, 18:59
I have DTLite
When trying to mount an iso I get the message :
Impossible to mount image (translated from french)
I'm asking to mount in a situation where I have only 1 virtual drive (F:) and on this F:drive nothing is mounted yet
So I really can't get it - why is DT talking about unmounting
I really appreciated earlier versions but now this version I installed recently on win7 seems not very cool to me
I really need to get this iso mounted - please help if you can :)

06.10.2014, 15:59
Need more info.

Is the problem reproducible with any images or with the specific images only?
Is the problem reproducible with any types of images (ISO, MDS/MDF, NRG, CUE/BIN, etc.) or with specific image types only?
Did you try last DTLite ver. 4.49 (https://www.disc-soft.com/products/dtLite)?