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22.10.2014, 11:31
I mounted an iso file as it would not load correctly otherwise.
I have been using the file no problems when mounted in DT lite.

A couple of days i have noticed that the file would like to try and start itself when the pc starts.
Being a newbie i have unmounted "i think" the file,as now the software tells me to insert the disc.
Is there a way i can mount it again as i cant now find the iso file that it was working from.
Is there some kind of directory to show previously mounted files ?

22.10.2014, 18:59
Hallo, and welcome to the forums :)

If you haven't deleted it by hand, you can find the recently used images in the DAEMON Tools Lite main window:
DAEMON Tools Lite main window | daemon-help.com (http://daemon-help.com/en/user_interface_lite/tray_icon_right_click_menu_lite/mountndrive_manager/virt_devices_part.html#images-area)

...and in a sub menu of the taskbar agent:
DAEMON Tools taskbar agent (tray agent) | daemon-help.com (http://daemon-help.com/en/taskbar-agent-tray-agent.html#recent-images)

A couple of days i have noticed that the file would like to try and start itself when the pc starts.If you don't want your image to Automount you can deactivate that option in Preferences: Preferences window | daemon-help.com (http://daemon-help.com/en/user_interface_lite/tray_icon_right_click_menu_lite/preferences_lite.html)

22.10.2014, 19:54
Thanks for the reply.
I do not see the recently used file that was mounted so i assume it was removed by mistake.
My iso image i think was like a cd photo ?
What i have done today is the following to try and get software working.
Install imgburn and create iso from files on pc.
This created iso file but it looks jzip photo.
I mounted this and it works to a fashion,i mean sometimes any dvd scans the disc or it starts itself ?
Sometimes nothing ?

I have the software working but i would like pc to start as normal and not me having to click cose software etc after it tries to install etc upon start up.
Should my created iso file look like cd and not jzip photo ?

In the my computer i see drive D & E like dvd player & dvd sat ontop.
Drive F which is demon tools shows a piece of paper with corner turned over ?