View Full Version : daemon-tools 3.29 causes fatal exception while 3.26 worked

06.01.2003, 09:33
I have FIC PA2013 2.0 motherboard with K6-III 450Mhz, Linksys lne100txv5 ethernet card, MS Windows 98 first version. After installing daemon-tools, anytime I mount from command line, or dismount from anywhere, from any application that has to mount cd iso file through daemon-tools, I get fatal exception 0E in lne100v5(01);
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always occuring consistently with the same error message and hex addresses. The iso file is in linux samba network drive.

This machine worked with daemon-tools 3.26, and it works flawless in RedHat 7.3 and 8.0, so I rule out any hardware problem. I also vaguely remember 3.26 sometimes caused BSOD, but never consistently as 3.29. I only installed via chipset updates, usb filter update, and network driver. I also tested it after installing bunch of security and bug fixes, and still the same problem.

daemon-tools 3.29 works without any problem in other computers running the same OS, so it must be some kind of driver conflict, which I am not sure what.

Any ideas? Should I downgrade all daemon-tools to 3.26? I hope it's not a bug ready to cause havoc for other computers in later time.

06.01.2003, 10:08
If you now uninsatll 3.29 and reinstall 3.26 - does this issue disappear again?

08.01.2003, 20:19
When I try to install 3.26 after 3.29 is installed, after clicking 'uninstall/remove daemons-tools' button and next, it causes BSOD. I had to re-install win98 from scratch (I am sure there must be a better way, but I didn't want to take chances) and install 3.26, and that works fine.

I may also suspect that Linksys lne100txv5 driver has some kind of driver conflict that is somehow triggered by daemon 3.29 (I use the driver from ftp.linksys.com site, which is version 1.1 for v5.1 card).