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06.11.2014, 20:00
I bought an original copy of Need for Speed ProStreet.
First thing I did was making a ISO-file of the game with Daemon Tools Lite.
Then I put that on a NTFS formatted USB stick.
After that I put it the ISO-file on my other laptop and mounted it in the DT virtual disc drive using Daemon Tools Lite.
That worked and I installed the game.
When I tried to start it after installing I got the error "Conflict with emulation software detected".
What can I do now?

Please note, I am bad with PC stuff...
So, it can occur that I don't understand the very technical things.

06.11.2014, 21:31
Hallo, and welcome to the forums.
That game is protected with SecuROM, that is why a simple ISO doesn't work.
It has to be an MDS or MDX image created with DAEMON Tools Pro/Ultra or Alcohol 52/120% inclusive a Data position measurement.
So either create a new image, or simply copy the attached MDS file to your existing ISO, and change the ISO file extension to MDF.
Also you need to use a virtual SCSI device for that kind of protection.

07.11.2014, 10:58
I am trying this right now, but how do I paste a MDS file in an ISO file?
If I do copy paste, the MDS file won't get pasted in the ISO...

07.11.2014, 14:13
Sorry, i meant 'copy into the same folder' as your ISO, so that you have two files: your old ISO (renamed to NFSPROSTREET.mdf), and my NFSPROSTREET.mds.
You then have to mount the small mds file - not the mdf.

07.11.2014, 19:11
Thanks, I will try this tomorrow. :)

08.11.2014, 14:36
I did what you said and it still doesn't work.
This is what I did:

- Make an ISO of the disc with Daemon Lite.
- Download your MDS.
- Put them in the same folder called "NFS ProStreet".
- Put them on USB to my other PC (without disc drive).
- Renamed the ISO to MDF.
- Mounted your MDS in a SCSI drive with Daemon Lite.
- Then clicked on "EASetup.exe" in the new disc drive.
- After that nothing happens... I don't get the installation screen. Just nothing.

What did I do wrong this time?

10.11.2014, 20:55
Why doesn't my previous reaction show up...?

11.11.2014, 13:47
Because the forums are moderated. Your post has to be approved first.
Currently i am in hospital and the touchpad i am using is not exactly precise and can not be reseted or calibrated.
Took me 10 minutes to write these few words.

Maybe my MDS does not match your version.
I have to stay here for at least another ten days, so feel free to additionally contact the official support team.

11.11.2014, 13:57
Alright, I will do that and let you know if I get it working.
I hope you get better soon!! :)

I sent an email to the support of Daemon Tools...
They say I need to sak sush things on this forum.

26.11.2014, 07:41
Tips to get it working are still welcome! ;)

I tried to do it myself a few times again.
Without any success though...

26.11.2014, 13:53
Alright, I will do that and let you know if I get it working.
I hope you get better soon!! :)Thank you very much !
I'm a few hours at home doing my laundry. After all i have to stay another week.

I would try to install with your original ISO, and only try to launch the game executable with the MDS/MDF combination.

If that fails as well, you can try to create a new MDS or MDX image with DAEMON Tools Pro/Ultra (or Alcohol 52%/120%) using the New SecuROM Profile (set DPM speed to maximum).

You can also try this free "portable" Alcohol 52% version to avoid any fiddling with adware offers during installation: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/image-compatibility-between-daemon-tools-versions-36121/#post144583
In this version also set DPM speed to maximum and select high DPM precision.

Good luck !

26.11.2014, 18:08
Thanks again for the help!
If I have some time this weekend I will try that. :)