View Full Version : Installing DTLite 4491-0356 now with two browser hijacks

22.11.2014, 18:06
Dear DT Support,

I was a happy and satisfied Daemon Tools user, until yesterday. I got a new laptop with Win8.1 x64, and installed the version mentioned in the subject. I unclicked ALL 3rd party installations the tool offered. What happened:

- I got Chrome installed (?)
- two browser hijacks called mystartsearch and PodoWeb were also immediatly up'n'running on all my browsers

Unfortunately, nor Avast, nor AVG Free could completely remove the malware. Working in IT myself I could ave my data before I had to completely reinstall my laptop, but... what the heck?!

For now, I switchd to another software for mounting virtual devices, but would love to come back. When can we expect a solution?

05.12.2014, 15:36

We have several legal partners to monetize our freeware. Such services recommend users to install 3rd party software (toolbars, search engines or some useful software) during DAEMON Tools installation. BUT it is absolutely optional. You can uncheck appropriate options in installation wizard, and nothing will be installed together with DAEMON Tools. And of course, paid version of DAEMON Tools does not contain any partner offers.