View Full Version : Some spammy junk in the installer.

05.12.2014, 14:27
Ok, for some time now i can't download daemon tools like because of some junk in the installer.
You have to remove it if you want us to use your software.
And do, i wont add an exception or something.
You need to remove that and clean your installers.
I love this program, used it for quite a long time but now i cant anymore without that installer.


08.12.2014, 14:52
We have several legal partners to monetize our freeware. Such services recommend users to install 3rd party software (toolbars, search engines or some useful software) during DAEMON Tools installation. BUT it is absolutely optional.

Here ia a post about this topic - http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f33/opencandy-faq-how-avoid-3rd-party-recommendation-s-34738/#post144662

27.01.2015, 12:30
I can't even download the installer because my antivirus kills it instantly, and i don't want to disable it to be able to download the installer with all that junk.
I dont need any useless toolbars and search engines.
And none of those software are useful, it can also be harmful.
But doesnt really matter now, cause i got another software free of junk in installer and it work great too, plus my antivirus if friendly to it.