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27.01.2015, 13:07
I upgraded from Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 540-0377 to 600-0445. And now I have this unexpected behaviour.

I have a bunch of ISO files that I usually just double-click on in Windows explorer to mount. The problem is that after the upgrade, DT mounts a new drive automatically for each ISO file. And if I mount the same ISO again, I get a "such image is already mounted".

What I expected to happen when double-clicking on an ISO, is DT to mount it on the already existing virtual SCSI drive. And if the same ISO was already mounted, it would just remount it on the same Virtual SCSI drive. This is how it used to work in version 540-0377.

This new way that I believe might just be a bug!? causes various problems. Particularly when launching ISO from my Media Center Setup.

28.01.2015, 11:51

The double click will always creates a new device and mount image in new DAEMOn Tools Pro 6 version. To mount an image in already existing device, you may use this ways, like via DAEMON Tools Pro Agent - Right click - virtual devices - select existing device - mount - DAEMON Tools Pro Agent | DAEMON Pro Help (http://daemonpro-help.com/en/daemon_tools_pro_agent/right_click_menu/virtual_cd_dvd_rom_menu.html).
Or open Computer, right click on the virtual device icon and select 'DAEMON Tools Pro' →'Mount Image…' item in the context menu. Select the image you want to mount.
Also, you can right click the image file icon and select 'DAEMON Tools Pro' →'Mount to' →

07.02.2015, 15:39
I've upgraded Advanced from 5.5 to 6.1 and I don't understand why this behavior has been introduced ...
This is a just a pain IMHO

At least please provide please a preference option to choose.


07.02.2015, 22:08
I've upgraded Advanced from 5.5 to 6.1 and I don't understand why this behavior has been introduced ...
This is a just a pain IMHO


Please give us a option to choose!

08.02.2015, 17:58
I've opened an support ticket for this and the answer given was cut and paste answer from SUPPORT1.

So helpfull :)

Come on guys, who can think this new behavior is actually a good idea ??

10.02.2015, 12:41

It is possible actually. We are thinking to add the option, like "quick mount to existing device". The image is mounted to existing device by double clicking. Due to tight release plans, this option can be introduced with the new DT version

21.03.2015, 20:34
Sorry, but it is a VERY VERY BAD IMPROVEMENT. It looks like your architect do not thought about end users at all.

There are many discs images that install software and REMEMBER CD/DVD DRIVE LETTER in registry. (GAMES / MS OFFICE / WINDOWS etc...)
If there are no more option to fix drive letter it means that now DT use first letter available in the system.
So If I insert flash pen before I mount image - I will get ANOTHER DRIVE LETTER neither it was during software installation. It's become very annoying and uncomfortable to use DT with such new cool feature.


27.03.2015, 22:05
So when this will be released ?

02.05.2015, 21:33

Please give us a option to choose!


Please fix next release.

05.05.2015, 12:10
Dear Customers,

The described issue is on the improvements list, but no exact information when the new minor (or major) will be released. But The new vesion WILL BE with the option.

24.05.2015, 23:35
Like some users of your great product, I'm still waiting for a fix to this annoyance after 6 months.

I've been using DT for years now, and all of a sudden I can't use an image on my configured virtual device but end up with a bunch of DT drives I never asked for.

Please fix that, thanks!

17.06.2015, 21:27
Yes, I also can't use this in its current form. What were you thinking?

05.07.2015, 18:05

So when this will be released exactly ?
Last time I've ask SUPPORT1 one replied "The DAEMON Tools Pro hasn't been updated yet. The dev team are working at brand new product that must be released in May, so the DTPro updates were shifted on undefined period." ... Well May is past for a while now.

Please release this option, that shouldn't be that long to implement.

05.07.2015, 19:11
So any news on this? Soon Windows 10 will be released, and the version 5 I have been running might be incompatible. I'm not going to update to version 6 unless this is fixed, I would rather just use an alternative software.

07.07.2015, 12:33
4 months passed from my last post here. 6 months - since topic was created.
But problem is still active and only "Spongebob" tells us "keep smiling and believe - we will add this as soon as our developers will pick this issue up from the issue list". Unfortunately it is very usual practice that has been seen already in many known products. I know many such debts that "hangs for years" inside Microsoft products (as ex.)

It's very sad to see that DT team overtake an usual bad practice (that can be met very often nowadays in software sector), to create new product updates according to self vision, that totally ignores end users requirements, with hope that end users "will eat it anyway". It's really sad.
Some time ago DT was a best one, but no anymore. It looks like there is nothing left to wait here and we should looking for another solutions that will be more responsive to end users.

20.07.2015, 17:38
Windows 10 is on the way!

31.07.2015, 08:44
Good day,

We still working on it. It is the intractable case due to engine differences. DTLite ver. 4 and ver.5 have completely separate logic and get them work together quite difficult. The dev team have a lot of works as windows 10 has been released recently, but this case is one of the priors. Our plans to make proper usage experience with actual features (include mount to existing device) in close to Christmas Eve.
We appreciate your support, you won't be disappointed. :)

15.09.2015, 21:19
I downloaded version 6.2.

I disappointed. Because DT 6.2 is mounting new drives for every ISO.


25.09.2015, 01:25
Yeah me too I was happy to see a 6.2 version (btw what is the changelog ?) and looking for the fix but still this dumb behavior :( grrr.

27.09.2015, 09:37
btw what is the changelog ?Take a look at the release notes here on the right: https://www.disc-soft.com/products/dtproAdv

23.10.2015, 17:52
Is fixed with Version 7! :)