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14.10.2004, 20:53
Operating System: Win XP pro
Burning Software: IBM Record Now
Anti-virus Software: Symantec, Norton Antivirus 7.61.935
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I was looking for command line tool to mount ISO images and Daemon seems to be OK.

However I would like to be able to control/know were it mounts the image as i want both mount it programmatically, then read the data and unmount -- all without manually mousing around. All control I have is 0,1,2 or 3 as device, but no way to tell to mount as F: or G: or whatever.

I can compare tha available drives before and after mounting and find out the drive letter, but... in case I unmount the image the assigned letter (virtual drive) is still around. So the next time i run my it will code I will have no way to tell where it mounted the image. I see one workaround still -- I check all CDROM drives before mounting, find out which ones are empty and which contain what disks and then, after mounting, check them once more. It's mighty clumsy, but that's about the only way I see how can i work around.

Any better ideas? Other tools that can be better controlled?

Besides I'd like to be able to create an ISO image from command line (say from a folder on the hard drive). Or well, by calling dll if necessary. I do not seem to find this kind of capabilities in any tools I've looked at up till now, but there should be one, I'm sure...

eer, I'm talking Windows right now. I'm sure in Linux this is easier, but my main workhorse is Win XP pro. Actually i can live without this, but would be mighty cool ta have it

cheers, :-)

15.10.2004, 08:53
You can create .ISOs from command line with the cdrecord package for Windows.

It's a complete, free package of win32 command line tools ported from Linux.

15.10.2004, 10:10
You can create .ISOs from command line with the cdrecord package for Windows.

It's a complete, free package of win32 command line tools ported from Linux.

great, kiitos, I'll have a look. I saw a tool with a similar name but it was only for burning ISO files straight to CD.

Have a nice day

15.10.2004, 12:35
Here is the complete CDRTools package for Windows

For a test I used the MKISOFS.EXE to create an .ISO from a directory and it worked perfectly.

Here's a manual for it:

15.10.2004, 12:51
I tried to check if it can be used also to burn the image, but did not get further than:
cdrecord -scanbus

"could not find any host adapters". Probably drive on my portable does not get recognized. I guess i should find the right newgroup; I can't be the frist guy with this;-)

In the meantime I also understood how Daemon works -- I need to enable virtual drives manually anyway before i can use them as there seems to be no switch to enable/disable virtual drives.

This means it requires a manual step at some point to create/enable the drive(s). And map devices numbers to drive letters.

As an option I could try getting the info from the registry, assuming different versions of Daemon tools use the same registry keys... We'll see:-)

15.10.2004, 12:53