View Full Version : DTLite 5.01 Creating DT virtual device

05.03.2015, 15:43
I have installed the DAEMON Tools Lite 5.01.0406 (paid version) under Windows 7 (64B). I can't find the option to create a virtual drive. There are no more buttons "Add DT Virtual drive". In the previous versions this was possible.

05.03.2015, 20:37
Hallo, and welcome to the forums.
To create a DT device use the Quick Mount button (or use the right-click context menu).
If you want to use a SCSI device you have to right-click an image in the Image catalog:


I don't know whether or not the devs will return to the old interface in future versions.

10.03.2015, 02:15
Unmounted virtual devices don't remain active in 5.0.1?