View Full Version : Intended double click behavior?

13.03.2015, 08:42
Basically when I double click an image file such as .iso. It would mount the image into the virtual drive. So far so good. However if I double click on another image file, with the previous .iso file still mounted in the virtual drive. Instead of replacing the previous image file in the virtual drive as you would intuitively assume it would. Daemon tools now goes into full idiot mode and adds a whole new virtual drive device with the new image file mounted in it instead.

Is this behavior intentional? If not, how can I fix it? If it is intended to function this way, is there anyway for me to modify this seemingly dumb behavior?


13.03.2015, 12:44

The new version provides quick mounting images on request (DT Lite 5 oк latest DTPro 6 ). When you double-clicking once the image is mounting on the already configured DT device. Next double click - new DT device again with mounted image. It seems easy that it was.
You can always mount to SCSI - "Use tray agent" at Preferences that the tray to be appeared in Taskbar for quick mounting or mount to SCSI device via Image Catalog - right click on image -> Mount to SCSI - Mounting images | daemon-help.com (http://daemon-help.com/en/mounting_images).