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15.10.2004, 03:12
Thanks in advance for your help. I have 4 games that keep reporting that I don't have the CD installed or have emulation software running. I am using the latest versions of Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. I do have CloneCD and Virtual Clone Drive, but they are not currently loaded or active. Here are the games:

Doom 3 - Safedisc 3.20 - Reports I have emulation software running
NFS Underground - Safedisc 2.90 - Says I need to load correct CD into drive.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 - Safedisc 2.90 - Same
Battlefront - SecuRom - Have not tried yet. :shock:

I would like to make images of these 4 games so I do not have to carry the CDs with me when I am on the road. However if I have to take one or 2 CDs, I can live with that. I just can't figure out why it doesn't work for me, but others have had success. Can someone help :?: Thanks again.

15.10.2004, 08:36
try uninstalling (not just disabling) ccd, if that won't work, recreate the images using the correct settings for the protections. to find out about the protections, google for a-ray scanner. those games DO run from image, i'm absolutely positive about that.

16.10.2004, 08:49
Good news :D I uninstalled CloneCD, Virtual Clone Drive, ClonyXXL, and Bones CCD4. Now Doom3, NFS Underground, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 work just fine. However, Star Wars Battlefront still will not play using Daemon Tools. It quits and then locks the virtual drive causing me to reboot. I will do another image using the SecuRom v4/5 profile in Alcohol 120 which I swear I already did. Does anyone know what to do next? Thank you. 8)

16.10.2004, 09:35
You probably just needed to disable CloneCD's hide cd-r media function and tray.
SW-BF contains a blacklist so it won't work from virtual drive atm, but you can try RMPS burn via Alcohol, then play with enabled RMPS emulation.

01.11.2004, 04:26
Thanks for an AWESOME software,

Copytrooper I'm in AWE of your posts! You ROCK! Over 2.100 posts- wow.

I've also hit the Battlefront wall.

You mentioned, "...contains a blacklist so it won't work from a virtual drive atm." ( -Please pardon me for asking a dumb question, but ) does "atm" = ' at the moment ' ?

If so, do you think it would be worth it just to wait a little -until Battlefront can work from a virtual drive?

I ask since the last time I tried Alcohol, it crashed my XP system ( but, that was 5 months ago, -or more).

And, I need to learn what ; ' RMPS / with enabled RMPS emulation' is.

Thank You VERY MUCH in advance!



11.11.2004, 23:38
Hi, I'm just wondering what is the best speed to copy a disc and what brand of media is the best to use? Was trying to copy Battlefront at max speed but I get the above mentioned errors about backup cd's and emulation software. I used CloneCD so I'll try Alcohol 120% next. (I'm using Imation CD-R's)