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17.03.2015, 20:18
I would like to create a disk images of homeschool DVD’s to use on a road trip on laptop which does not have an internal optical drive. These are new disks which play successfully in an older standard DVD player (not Blu-ray) and function with additional menus to play each movie classroom session.

I downloaded DT6Pro. When trying to create a disk image, I got the error, "Read operation had hit a ECC/EDC bad (recoverable) block (4508)" on multiple disks. I was told by Damian Tools support that, “Some disc protections use bad blocks imitation to protect discs from copying.”

Following their suggestions, I lowered the read speed to the lowest setting. I also changed from .iso to .mdx to access "Ignore error and add sector to bad block map" or "Ignore error and generate content options."

After changing settings, I tried to create a disk image again and got the same error, "Read operation had hit a ECC/EDC bad (recoverable) block (4508)." I tried the Ignore block error settings both ways. Is it possible to recover a recoverable block? Is there anything else I can try?

17.03.2015, 22:57
DT Pro is suited for Data discs, not for encrypted Video discs.
If you're talking about encrypted Video DVDs DT Pro is not the right way to go - at least not DT Pro alone.
You can try to run AnyDVD or Wookao (free) in the background to do the decryption.
When using AnyDVD/Wookao it may be necessary to uninstall the SPTD driver (if installed).