View Full Version : safedisc images are created without topology information

31.03.2015, 23:13
I am trying to create images of old games that are protected by safedisc v1 and v2, like
Metal Gear Solid 1.

Even selecting the correct profile, the images are never created correctly. The MDS files
created, does not contain any information regarding the topology of the disc.

This appears completely blank. Such files are only 688 bytes in size, when I try to visualize the file with the mdsviewer program, it is showed without the typical peaks and
valleys that we expect to see in such files.

Of course, without this information, the images do not work, even if I load the games
through the virtual drive of daemon. I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit SP1
and the version 6.1.0 build 484 of Daemon Tools Pro Advanced.

Please, any help will be greatly welcome.

16.04.2015, 08:28
Safedisc doesn't use special/non-standard topology.
So you won't see any "peaks" - even when performing a data position measurement.