View Full Version : Silent Installation / Daemon Tools Lite 10.

21.05.2015, 23:53
Hi everyone.

Are you added command line parameters for silent installation for version 10?

Because, old parameters (switchs) are not working fine now:


I am testing with /S /nogadget /sptd but notification appears always.

Thanks on advance.

27.05.2015, 06:05
I was able to get a silent install working by starting the ~2 MB installer file, letting it complete its download, then navigating to %temp%. In the temp folder will be a Daemon Tools Lite.exe file -- copy this elsewhere. Throw your old silent install command line flags at it and it should work.

However, a driver was prompting me to verify that it's OK to install it. If you see this, I worked around it by checking the checkbox to always trust their software. Then, open MMC and add the Certificates (Computer option) snap-in. Navigate to Trusted Publishers. Export the cert that's listed. Install the cert prior to installing Daemon Tools by running the command line: certutil -addstore TrustedPublisher certfile.cer

27.05.2015, 12:39
Good day,

You can check once "Always trust software from Disc Soft Ltd", press "Install" and the notification will not appears. The Disc Soft driver needs for stable DT usage. It fully sertificated and doesn't contain harmful components.