View Full Version : read-only problems

15.10.2004, 16:18
Operating System: Windows XP home edition
Burning Software: Nero Express
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hi there,
I'm a new Daemon user. I mounted a game with Daemon-tools. Now I need to replace some files. Now to the question...I can't move/replace/overwrite anything in the mounted CD because it is all read-only. When I try and take off the read-only check box it says access denied.

How do I get rid of this read-only stuff? Thanks for any help received in advance!

15.10.2004, 16:50
You can't - how do you expect to write to a read-only device!?
Some programs like e.g. UltraISO let you add/change files, but this is NOT recommended, 'cause copy protected games won't work anymore.