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22.06.2015, 06:12
Hello --

What changed in lite 10.1 from 10.0 -- I don't see the system tray agent -- when is that

22.06.2015, 08:26
What's new:

GameSpace view for Images collection
USB sharing via iSCSI Initiator
Minor UI improvements
Windows XP support
Armenian, Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish localizations

Bugs fixed:

Minor bugs

No ETA for the tray agent, but it's coming soon.

23.06.2015, 08:28
had the same question about the tray agent, upgraded to 10.1 but was disappointed to find out it was still not included... here's hoping the next update includes it

23.06.2015, 21:29
GameSpace view for Images collection

Once again that stuff is back...:disgust::disgust::disgust:

24.06.2015, 09:54
It's no more embedded as a separate section in the main window.
It's just like Display media information from the Internet in Windows Media Player.

If there's a cover in the database it will be displayed in image catalog with a link to GameSpace - which can be opened in a browser.
If you don't want to use GameSpace at all just change the View by right-clicking in the image catalog.