View Full Version : DT Pro Command Line Throwing Error

29.06.2015, 18:46
I downloaded and installed the 20 days trial of DTPro this morning on two diffeerent systems (Windfows 8 & Windows Server 2008) and since then I have been unable again to get the command line to work on both systems.

DTAgent.exe -help This works

DTAgent.exe -add_hdd F, "C:\Downloads\Test.vhd" (This does not work. Throws error "add_hdd switch syntax error"

DTAgent.exe -add_hdd, "C:\Downloads\Test.vhd" (This does not work too with the same error)

Yet if I mount the vhd file from the GUI it is successful

I previously experienced the same thing with DTLite and it was impossible getting anyone to believe me.

See video capture here: https://bkujero.tinytake.com/sf/MjA5MTQ0XzEzMTUxNzY

03.07.2015, 12:08
Looks like a bug as the remove_hdd switch works as intended.