View Full Version : Newbie: Mounting ISO Image opens Autoplay

15.08.2015, 12:49
I don't understand what happened. Maybe my file got corrupted. It worked fine before but it's been a year or more since I've played the game. It's a backup of my beloved Vice City game (which I've been playing over and over and over and over and over and over... you get the idea... since it came out in 2002!). Can't find the stupid A/V cable for my PS2 so I backed up the disc as an ISO. This was a couple of years ago with my son's help. But it worked fine and I used to play it. Now, for some reason, when I mount it I get the autoplay menu pop-up! And there's no option for running the game there.

I've tried clicking to explore the files...looking through the files for any image files. I've tried extracting the ISO to the same directory as the ISO, and I tried extracting it to a subdirectory named the same thing as the ISO. I also tried converting the file to an MDS and also an MDX. When I try mounting both of those, I still get the autoplay pop-up. I've created all 3 types of virtual drives and tried to run it on each type since I am retarded and don't know which type to run it on for sure... and on all types, I get the autoplay pop-up.

What the HECK am I doing wrong?? Is my file corrupted maybe?

25.08.2015, 09:59
Are you using an emulator like PCSX2 ?

28.08.2015, 04:48
I have it, but I never use it. Setting up the BIOS and plugins and all that stuff is just too much of a pain. My son is the one who installed it on my system. Same with epsxe. I love being able to play my favorite games with the emulators but having to understand and fight with trying different configurations of BIOS with video and audio plugins and changing settings, etc.... blargh. It's why I haven't set up the PS1 emu and it comes already installed on the PSP. =(

Anyway, sorry for the loooooong answer. But yes, it is installed on my computer but I don't use it. Why? Is it maybe messing with my DT program?