View Full Version : Daemon tools Lite 10 Unkown Error 50

16.09.2015, 18:55
My software gives me the following message:
"SCSI (or IDE) adapter is not supported in current configuration - your system may have changed. Do you want to reinstall SPTD?"
After clicking "install" on the above message I then receive an "unkown error. 50" message.
My computer is on Windows 10 (64bit) and I have tried all suggestions including removing the software and registry entries and then reinstalling the software but I still receive the same message.

22.09.2015, 14:40

Did you install SPTD? Usually this error appears when SPTD driver is missing.

24.09.2015, 15:36
I have SPTD v1.87 and SPTD v2.04 installed, and using both installers, they do correctly detect both versions as being installed. The weird thing is that Daemon tools ran fine on Windows 8 but I'm getting this error on Windows 10. I have also just done a clean install of Windows 10 but I still get the same error.