View Full Version : Writable Virtual Drive writing speed

08.10.2015, 03:37
I just purchased Daemon Tools Ultra in order to use the writable virtual drive feature and I created a new writable virtual drive but the application that is burning the virtual disc takes an hour and a half to burn a full audio CD. It won't let me re-mount it as SCSI or IDE to test those. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for the help!

08.10.2015, 05:11
So it doesn't seem to be the burning application (iTunes) because it can write to a physical CD-R just fine.

08.10.2015, 13:22
Which Preferred Speed is currently set in itunes Burn Settings ?
Would you please cross-check whether or not you have also low speeds with another burning app ?

It won't let me re-mount it as SCSI or IDE to test those.How exactly does this become apparent ?
Any error message ?

P.S.: if not yet done i would tick Add images to catalog automatically in Preferences/General.