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23.10.2015, 06:22
I am wanting to purchase a full version of Daemon Tools and am struggling trying to figure out which version is best for my needs. I've spent a lot of time reviewing this comparison (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/products/compare) and from the information provided the Daemon Tools Lite Personal is a more powerful/more feature packed than Daemon Tools Pro Advanced and it comes in at $7 cheaper. It also appears that with the exception of USB sticks for Linux and multiple wizards at once, the Ultra version doesn't have anything more/better than the Lite Personal version. This doesn't make much sense to me, so I am wondering if there is something more in the Pro Advanced or Ultra functionality compared to the Lite that isn't identified in that comparison.

All of that to say...
Are there any functionality/technical differences between Lite, Pro Advanced, and Ultra that are *not* identified in the product comparison chart?

So the reason I am wanting/needing this software is primarily for image creation/functions. I do have several games that I am wanting to convert from DVD to ISO (most are DRM/Safe/etc protected) as well as hundreds of DVD videos/movies that I would also like to turn into digital copies. There are a few other functions that I would like to use, but the image creation is my primary goal
1) Is Daemon tools able to overcome this DRM/Safe/copyright stuff and create valid ISO files?
2) Based on #1, which would be the best software package to purchase?
3) Are there any other perks that Ultra has over Pro Advanced that aren't identified on that comparison page? (Ultra/Pro Advanced - Pro Advanced/Lite Personal - etc)

Thank you for the assistance!

02.11.2015, 16:17
Again wondering if anyone has any insight into the difference between the 3 versions of the software. I've also reached out to tech support asking the same question but have not received a response there either after a week.

At this point in time, I just want to know what the differences are between Personal, Pro, and Ultra (outside of what was outlined on the "Comparison" link above). I think the answer to this questions will help me answer which version is right for me.

Thank you

02.11.2015, 16:19
I would suggest to use the trial versions of Pro and Ultra to find out what fits your needs best.
DT lite has no trial for the advanced features, but you can check them in Pro/Ultra just as well.

DAEMON tools is the best tool to backup Software Copy Protections, but is not able to backup protected Movie DVDs/BDs.
But there are also good free tools like MakeMKV or DVDFab HD Decrypter.

02.11.2015, 17:45
Thank you for your reply Terramex.

I was starting to think that the trials were the solution.

"DT lite has no trial for the advanced features, but you can check them in Pro/Ultra just as well."
This was the main reason for my question that started this thread. I wasn't sure if "Disc image" would work the exact same in all 3 versions, or if Pro had additional features and Ultra had even more. Based on your feedback I am starting to wonder if the published comparison really does show/outline the differences between versions (assuming that the same functionality works the same across all versions) - if so I am making something very simple very complex.

Again, thank you for your feedback. I will get the Pro and Ultra trials to see what would fit my needs the best.

Kind regards

28.11.2015, 02:44
After purchasing DaemonTools Lite, I came across this page. It would have been really helpful from the beginning.


I think that the "full package" of DT Lite makes things a bit more comparable, but I'm still wondering how many things I'm loosing out on because I went with Lite.