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07.01.2003, 08:57
After installation of version 3.29 WinXP Pro ( with SP1 ) finds two SCSI/RAID controllers ( the ST... the SCSI Controller );
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it installs two virtual CD.
After uninstalling one of SCSI controller, after restart, Windows installs another one's ( standard SCSI controller ) again.
Daemon has put only 1 device.

In version 3.26 all is O.K.

07.01.2003, 12:56
if i right-click the st.. scsi controller, and click update, it changes the name to scsi/raid controller. maybe something like this happend?

anyhow, if you remove the second scsi control, reboot, waht happens? after this, reinstall d-tools 3.29, and see what happens.

20.01.2003, 09:48
Now even after removal D -TOOLS, WINDOWS adds automatically me "Generic STEALTH DVD SCSI CdRom Device". After installation versions 3.29 WINDOWS immediately see two devices "Generic...". After removals one of SCSIdevice's and restart - again two.

20.01.2003, 15:58
Try and remove the pnp bios extension under system devices, then remove scsi, then reboot.

21.01.2003, 12:07
Thanks. System had two drivers in version ( st324bus.sys - PnP BIOS Ext. and stk... one more to SCSI ). After removal their all came back to standard.
DTOOLS is the best.

22.01.2003, 02:12
Yes, beginning from 3.26 there is always a pair of drivers: the parent bus driver and driver for SCSI controller, which is created by parent bus driver.