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18.10.2004, 05:10
I used dvd decrypter and it made a folder of video ts with .vob, .bup and .ifo, i have alcohol 120%, so what do i do next to complete the process. thanks. i heard it needs .iso file but i don't see it anywhere it just made the video ts folder.

18.10.2004, 09:18
Use DVD Decrpyter again, and this time use the Mode -> ISO read option :mrgreen:

18.10.2004, 16:34
oops, okay, as you can see i'm new. what about once i get the iso file, where do i go in the alcohol 120% program to begin burning?

18.10.2004, 16:39
You can write with DVD Decrypter, too - select Mode -> ISO write :mrgreen:
Get Alcohol here (http://www.alcohol-soft.com) :idea:

18.10.2004, 16:53
so once i get the iso read, then i do an iso write, then i go to alcohol?

18.10.2004, 16:58
No, if you can write without any errors with DVD Decrypter there's actually no need for Alcohol. ISO read is to create an image, ISO write is to burn the image to DVD-R.

18.10.2004, 22:08
alright i put it on iso write and i tried selecting the iso file from the source tab on dvd decrypter but it says you need the mds file instead and switched it automatically. so what is up with this? and it also said my file was too big to fit in the disk, what now?

18.10.2004, 22:18
How big is it? If it's >4.37GB you need dual layer media and writer.

18.10.2004, 22:38
it said there was 3,234,645 approx. sectors in the file and only 2,834,000 approx sectors on the disk. dont know what that means but it said that.

18.10.2004, 22:39
i just checked the size with alcohol and it says 7472.76 mb,

20.10.2004, 18:49
So i heard you can use dvdshrink to compress it, now how does that process work? since i have the iso file already.

20.10.2004, 18:59
That's not recommended, you'll face extreme quality loss!

20.10.2004, 19:25
so what options do i have? but lets say i did use dvd shrink as my last resort, how does the iso file fit into it if you know

20.10.2004, 19:30
Depends on the DVD writer you own - if it's dual layer writer, and you're ok with dual layer media prices, you can just use DVD+R DL - otherwise it depends on your acceptance of the quality loss. If you shrink 7.5GB to 4.37GB it'll be a huge difference.

20.10.2004, 22:56
i just have a single layer burner, i'm not spending more on a dual layer, but my question is once i compress it what do i do with it. like is it already in an iso file for me to burn or do i have to do something else?

20.10.2004, 22:59
as soon as you compressed it with one of the so-called one.click.tools (like
DVDShrink), you can write back the .iso with f.e. DVD Decrypter or Alcohol120%

21.10.2004, 01:54
ah cool, thanks a bunch.