View Full Version : How to open files in an iso without installation within Deamon tools pro?

29.10.2015, 12:13
I used to have a windows 7 home premium laptop which is broken now. I used to have Daemon tools pro version 4 in it. I've driving theory test .iso which i used to open (without installing/installation window) using Daemom pro 4.
As my laptop is broken now, I've created a windows 7 pro virtual machine in my windows 10 pro laptop. I installed Dameon pro version 4 in it. I copied the same driving .iso file into it.
In my old laptop, when i opened the run file, i used get the proper "installed software" window where i could browse through the tests and all.
But in the new laptop, it's not opening the software, instead, it's opening the installation window, where it says the dvd is pirated version and it won't open.

Can you you please let me know how to open the files as if they are installed, instead of opening the installation process? as it's been a long time, i forgot if i have to mark any setting in it.