View Full Version : BSOD when trying to run games from emulated drive

19.10.2004, 17:02
Operating System: Windows 98SE
Burning Software: CloneCD V.
Anti-virus Software: AntiVir Personal V.6.28.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Before I had to reinstall Windows, I was running dt v3.33 without problems.

Now I've completely reinstalled everything, but dt gives me big problems. These are not limited to v3.33, but I get exactly the same error message with v3.46 and v3.47.
I can set the device parameters without problems, mount an inage and even play any music on it with the Windows CD player. But whenever I try to start a game which runs from this emulated drive, I get the following BSOD immediately:
'Der schwere Ausnahmefehler 00 ist an der Adresse 0028:C023DB7F in der VXD-Datei VDD(09) + 00001803 aufgetreten. Die aktuelle Anwendung wird beendet.
I can't do anything but reboot my system with Ctrl+Alt+Del.

It makes no difference either whether I mount the image from our LAN server or from my HD.

22.10.2004, 19:00
I hope I haven't jumped to conclusions. It is likely that mine is a DirectX-related problem.