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19.10.2004, 17:29
hey guys... when I try to open daemon tools it gives me a error, it sais
no language support detected .... I already installed a transilator ... but it's still nog working....

I use:

windows xp pro sp2
amd 64 3200 newcastle
nvidia XFX geforce 6800gt
mdt 1024 ddr 400

anyone else with this problem ... or with a solution ?

tnx in your advance

19.10.2004, 17:43
Did you try to un- and re-install yet? (Don't forget to reboot after un-installation!)
Please don't double/cross post :!:

19.10.2004, 19:45
ooh im sorry I didn't know where to post it ....

yes I reinstaled it a couple of times ... and I restarted my pc... but still it does give the same message

19.10.2004, 20:09
What did you do with the language dll? Did you delete or rename 1033.dll? Check if there're any permissions for Daemon Tools installation folder preventing reading of Daemon Tools files.

19.10.2004, 20:36
I just installed it and started the program..... thats all
later I changed the DLL with the dutch DLL ( transelator )

19.10.2004, 20:43
So you got the error right after installation, or after you installed Dutch language dll?
How did you install the Dutch dll? You've to copy it to D-Tools\lang folder, then exit Daemon Tools, re-start (e.g. via desktop icon), and change language in new Options/Language menu to Dutch - did you do it this way?

20.10.2004, 08:05
rigt after i instaled it...

yes exept that i couldnt change it in nay menu because i couldn't even start the program

20.10.2004, 14:02
Operating System: Win XP Pro Sp1
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Guys iv'e tried everything as well with this language error and still the same error keeps poping up :(
Iv'e uninstalled it properley, deleted reg keys, checked sys32\driver folder, rebooted
then reinstalled 3.47 and still "No Language support Detected" error comes up. Iv'e tried everything mentioned in this forum related to this problem.
So i tried 3.44 and even 3.29 to see if earlier versions would work but they
wouldn't also, the 3.29 error was different though it said
"program not installed"
I got no idea what to do from here, i can't fix it
any extra advice would be unreal
Thnx Guys
I'm just thinking now but i'm not sure if this problem started when i ran a spyware \adware program but i'm not sure if it started before or after i ran it.I think i ran it to see if spyware\malware was causing daemon tools to come up with this error, not sure though?

21.10.2004, 01:46
Operating System: W98SE
Burning Software: CloneCD
Anti-virus Software: Mcafee
DAEMON Tools Version: latest

I ran into the same problem after I had a problem rebooting (received an DDE Server error). I had to rebot with a previous registry, re-installed D-Tools with a warning that somem files were in use or already there. I then tried to open D-Tools and received the "No language Support" Consequently dameon Tools didi not operate. I now can't uninstall or install the software. Help!