View Full Version : BSOD XP SCSIPORT.SYS no SF drivers

20.10.2004, 03:42
Operating System: XP SP2
Burning Software: none (no writer of any kind)
Anti-virus Software: Symantec AV Corp edition
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I have tried to install DT 3.47 3 times with a BSOD each time. I manually looked for the SF drivers and even ran the uninstall tool without finding them.

I have minidumps I will be sending.


20.10.2004, 15:06
I sent a zip file with some dumps last night.


20.10.2004, 15:43
Please re-send either unpacked, or RAR-packed :idea:

20.10.2004, 17:55
resent rar packed

20.10.2004, 21:20
Please run driver verifier, ensure Daemon Tools is completely removed.
Run verifier.exe, in start window select standard settings -> continue -> select all drivers -> done. Click ok to reboot.
If you get BSOD boot into safe mode and disable driver verifier (run verifier.exe and select delete existing settings (be sure to disable verifier in case you don't get BSOD, too - it'll slow down system!), and send created minidump for analysis with reference to this thread.

20.10.2004, 22:42
I did as you said and I get a blue screen, but no dump. Nothing in the event log either, although both options are checked.

I did see that the driver causing the BSOD was NAVAP.sys

I tried this 2 times, and no minidump either time.

20.10.2004, 23:01
So you got this BSOD without Daemon Tools installed? It points to Norton AntiVirus, so report the problem to Symantec support then.

20.10.2004, 23:56
actually it is not a problem with norton, just using verifier while norton is installed. I will try again as the KB says......


21.10.2004, 07:51
This issue may occur if Norton Antivirus is installed on the computer and the Deadlock Detection feature in Driver Verifier is turned on. This is not a bug in Norton Antivirus. However if other drivers hit this problem, it is probably a bug in that driver and must be fixed. If you only turn off ioverifictation, you hide the deadlock problem which may result in the system deadlocking in the future.

Actually it is weird why MS defends this obviously buggy product by saying this. The claim "if this hits other driver it is buggy, but not if Norton"
is ridiculous. If you see that crash with verifier then driver IS buggy, no matter what they are trying to tell you. Period.

Strange, but other, more advanced antivirus programs do NOT hits this BSOD...

21.10.2004, 11:22
I agree with you, I just meant to say that MS considers the NAV BSOD acceptable if their tool causes it. :D

21.10.2004, 22:17
;) Yes, maybe in next versiion they even patch verifier to avoid this for NAV