View Full Version : Mounting the same Image on two Drives crashed my Explorer

Dan Dogma
11.11.2002, 20:26
Accidenntly, Iґve mounted the same Image twice and this crashed my Explorer (I was running my Workspace as a Taskbar on Desktop). After rebooting, Windows tried to load Explorer but it crashed again. After deinstalling D-Tools (was Version 3.20);
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everything was right again.Then I installed Version 3.17 again. I donґt know if this was the real reason for this problem, but if, it maybe would be a good idea to implement a Warning "Image already mounted" or somthing similiar. (It took me 5 hours to fix this, and my hair has become grey :D )
BTW: Iґm running Win ME

11.11.2002, 23:20
I don't know what happens on your PC - I mount same image on several drives rather frequently without problems. What is this kind of image?

Dan Dogma
11.11.2002, 23:59
It was a Clone CD Image. maybe it was another problem D-Tools showed me no driveletters on all devices, and i had four devices open. then I mounted the Image twice and then Bang! After that, Explorer crashed after every reboot. I had to deinstall D-Tools in safe mode (Abgesicherter Modus in german ) and then Explorer worked again. Maybe I should try to recreate this situation, and write a report what Iґve done exactly and what happend then, but this could take a while caus Iґm busy with my job.
BTW: I have installed Easy CD Creator 4 but never had problems with that.

12.11.2002, 10:04
If some virtual drive have no letter assigned you better reboot to allow OS to recognize it then try to mount some image.

Dan Dogma
12.11.2002, 19:49
Thanx. I think that was the problem. As far as I can remember, I have tried to change the driveletter of one of the drives before I mounted the image. Then all four driveletters disapeared.