View Full Version : My real cdrom/dvdrom drives are missing - I've read the faq

21.10.2004, 16:17
Operating System: WinXP pro vers. 2002 SP2
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: NOD32 1.900
DAEMON Tools Version:

Ok after using d-tools for a while my dvd drive has gone *poof*
First I tried removing all virtual drives unloading d-tools and scan for hardware changes in the device manager which yeilded nothing.

Then i tried fiddling with the register, upperfilter was missing, but lowerfilter was there and it contained storprop.dll, cdrom.sys redbook.sys and som additional drivers. I removed it rebooted and nothing changed.

I feel like there's something _really wrong_ as the dvd drive isn't even detectable in bios during startup, and the only thing that works when it comes to getting my drive back is popping the case pulling the sata cable, reconnecting and rebooting. If I do that the dvd is detected and all is spiffy. It's abit annoying to have to do that though so any help would be appreciated

Do you need any more specs?

21.10.2004, 16:23
If your drive is not detected on BIOS level, it's for sure not Daemon Tools fault.
And btw who suggested to remove lower filter entry in registry!? The drivers you mentioned are needed for normal operation!

21.10.2004, 16:31
damn fast reply ;)

I blame microsoft for the lowerfilter mishap (if that's what it was)

as for it not being daemon tools fault... I'm not so sure, I've never had any problems before installing it. I've had the same problem before and that time I just stopped using d-tools. I recently reformated my hd and installed d-tools and now the dvd is gone again. Are you sure there coudln't be some sort of magical bug o_O?

21.10.2004, 16:34
Daemon Tools is running in Windows only, there's no way Daemon Tools could prevent drives from being detected on BIOS level. Moreover the mentioned problems with filter drivers occur due to bugs in other drivers, not Daemon Tools.

21.10.2004, 17:33
k ok, Thanks for the help. I'll keep on digging and hopefully I'll find out whats wrong.