View Full Version : Where to find advanced emulation in Daemon tools pro 7?

26.02.2016, 09:58
I mounted a disc and I can't find where to use securom or any other emulation anywhere.
There's no option for it anywhere.
Does this not work with copyprotected disc images?

26.02.2016, 11:25
Advanced emulation options are not selectable anymore, they're active by default in OSs prior to Windows 10.

Where exactly do you miss/need that option ?

26.02.2016, 12:07
I have game cd images i made with alcohol 120% years ago that have copy protection like securom. And want to play them with mounting the image file. (like GTA III, and The Simpsons hit and run ect)

26.02.2016, 12:23
The SecuROM advanced emulation option is required for Subchannel emulation of imperfect CD backups of SecuROM versions prior 2002 - which was the turning point to New SecuROM. The Simpsons have New SecuROM 4.85 and afaik GTA 3 has Safedisc.

If the images were created properly they should work fine when mounted in a virtual SCSI or IDE device.