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26.10.2004, 20:33
I have a DVD and I cannot rip it, or make a copy.
My DVD-ROM and DVD-RW cannot read it, and DVD-RW opens Nero to create a new DVD, but when am checkin from Nero shows a key and four sessions and when am tryin to copy says Blank or Invalid
Anybody can help me to make a copy

Is not a CSS movie i just video of my mariage.

27.10.2004, 11:34
use DVD-decrypter

27.10.2004, 14:58
It's impossible to make CSS encrypted movies with consumer DVD+-RW drives so DVD decrypter won't help.

Are you absolutely sure you have the right disc?
If yes, then it seems that the contents are corrupted, simply make another DVD from the master tape.

27.10.2004, 16:51
Nero says DVD is open

28.10.2004, 08:31
Well, like I mentioned earlier the easiest and fastest way is to simply burn another DVD from the master tape(s) - forget the coaster =)

28.12.2004, 09:44
i've never problems with burning dvd's
i always use Dvdxcopy platinum with dvd region & css free
it works fine to me and have no problems