View Full Version : Copy Protections and Daemon

28.10.2004, 14:19
Operating System: W2kSP1
Burning Software: BW, CCD, DJ...
Anti-virus Software: -
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.29


Is there possibly a problem with the emulation of my current Daemon version? (3.29) I can't get any protected Image running. ProtectCD or SecureRom for example. I used various software for create the images (CloneCD 3, BlindWrite 4, DiscJuggler 4).

Thanks in advance

28.10.2004, 14:27
3.29 is obsolete, so you're probably facing blacklist problems, especially SecuROM and ProtectCD. In order to get ProtectCD images to work try v3.46, v3.47 removes the atapi.sys lock (so emulation ability of ProtectCD5), but also contains some bug fixes - so it's up to you.

28.10.2004, 15:32
Thank you very much for your quick answer. Ok, that's what I was hoping for, because I haven't any Ideas left, witch cd recording tool to try next :wink: . But unfortunatley, this takes me to my installation problem with Deamon Tools 3.47, postet in another thread :(