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07.03.2016, 16:00
I have an iPhone 6+, i have DS on it. I am running a bit of a different setup than most.

I have a Linux server that is cloud based so i can reach it from anywhere. I added the phone to my server. It will sync a few pictures at a time but if i set it to auto no matter if the app is open and live it doesnt sync basically at all. I have gotten maybe 10-15 pictures to sync but thats all. I can set it to non-auto sync and sync 1-2 pictures but after say 10+ it crashes the app completely. After opening the app it looks like it is trying the sync again on those same pictures but they are VERY slow if it is even working at all. I have tried this on two different wireless connections as well as data on my phone. Still no avail.

Anyone have luck with this application? Wish this solution was a bit more encompassing to where i can just install the app and setup the server. Letting the device auto-sync in the background. Also would like some web features to where i can easily view and download pictures from the website. Doesnt have to be user account based or anything though that would be nice.


09.03.2016, 12:06

Some log is needed. Please create debug.dbg and put in /usr/local/DAEMONSync path. Reproduce the problem then and send the file to support-eml@disc-soft.com for investigation.