View Full Version : Daemon Tools seems to have botched my computer

30.10.2004, 13:08
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: None (formated computer)
Anti-virus Software: eTrust EZ antivirus
DAEMON Tools Version: Latest Version

Heya, I recently installed daemon tools onto my 40gig hdd (non windows hdd). I restarted the computer once I has installed it and windows didnt seem to boot. It said there was a missing file in system 32. I restarted the computer again and windows booted, which was quite strange. Had a look in my computer and noticed that my E drive (the drive that I had installed daemon tools) wasnt showing up. Twas getting pretty strange, so I gave my computer another reboot just to make sure. Windows booted up fine, and this time, the E drive was showing, except it had now been renamed to H drive. I attempted to uninstall daemon tools, and also tried to repair it, but it said somthing about "prgram files contained an invalid character" or somthing. I downloaded regcleaner and got rid of the registery entry for daemon tools. Gave the comp a restart and it didnt seem to make a real difference. Attempted to uninstall daemon tools again, and didnt work, said the same thing. Could some one please help?! Daemon tools seems to have screwed up my 40gig hdd, and im not sure what to do!


30.10.2004, 13:22
Check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove Daemon Tools completely.